What is a Coach?

coach:  noun, often attributive\ ˈkōch  \

2[ from the concept that the tutor conveys the student through examinations ]

a: a private tutor

b: one who instructs or trains 

especially: one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a subject and directs strategy

"Lifestyle & Nutrition coaches help clients develop and progress towards their personal wellness goals by empowering them to take responsibility for their own health. They also recognize that being healthy involves more than just a proper diet."

Why TheKetoSpark?

There are several ways a coach can help you reach your goals.  As your coach, my goal is to provide several things that increase your ability to achieve your goals. 


No more trying to weed through all the contradicting, sometimes ridiculous information on the internet (egg fast, celery cleanse, cabbage soup diet).  

My job is to stay up to date on all the newest REAL SCIENCE and bring that knowledge to you so you can make an informed decision about your body and life.

Commitment to Lasting Results

It's easy to commit.  

It's also easy to overcommit, become overwhelmed and quit.

The tough part is staying committed.

We have all been there.

This is why I focus on educating my members so they can implement 

strategies long after this program is over.

I do this by taking a big change and breaking it down 

into smaller phases that build on each other.


It's easy to privately decide to change your life, but do we stick to that?

One of the most powerful things we can do is share our goals with others.

According to research from the Dominican University of California:

"People who merely thought about their goals and how to reach them accomplished their goals less than 50% of the time. In contrast, people who wrote down their goals, enlisted friends for them, and sent them regular progress reports succeeded in attaining their goals 75% of the time."

Emotional Support

Change is HARD, even positive change.

Finding the right support can make all the difference.


Program breakdown

Three Phases to Success

Become Fat Adapted - the transition from being a carb burner to a fat burner

Working Towards Your Goals - now that you are fat-adapted, what do you do?

Completing goals and sustainability - How to adapt to your changing goals and sustainability.


The key to long term success is understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it.

I will arm you with the information you need at the level you want it.

If you are a science nerd like me, I'll help you geek out on physiological processes.

NOT interested in science?  Cool, I'll just give you the basics.


From information to practical advice to group support, 

you'll get the support you need to succeed in a way that works for you!

Is Keto right for you?

Want to see what this is all about?  Not sure if low carb/keto is right for you?  Click the 'SCHEDULE AN INFORMATION CALL' button to schedule a free discovery call and get all your general questions answered and a few free tips to get you started!



I look forward to our group meetings every week.  I can't thank Mary enough for sharing her experience and knowledge with me, it inspires me to want to be better, healthier and more knowledgeable.  Every week, the people in our group bring wonderful questions that I believe help everyone gain more knowledge, faster.  Down 4 belt holes in just ONE MONTH!

KARI P. 38

In just 6 months I've lost 35 pounds of fat, 4 pant sizes and many inches off my waist -- SO FAR!  I broke through fatigue and digestive issues caused by thyroid disease and insulin resistance following the custom program TheKetoSpark developed for me.  Eating Keto, drinking Ketones, and fasting has allowed me to shed 35 pounds, eliminate carbs and massive amounts of sugar from my diet, and extinguish daily exhaustion and digestive upset from my life!  I would never have made it without daily personal encouragement and guidance from TheKetoSpark."


I lost 35 pounds in 4 months while increasing muscle.  

No more chronic upset stomach, and fatigue.  I have better energy, sleep, and mood.

I'm 44 years old and am truly in the best shape of my life.  People ask me all the time what my work out regime is, and don't believe me when I tell them I don't go to the gym!  With guidance from TheKetoSpark, I have been able to regain that youthful feeling I had in my 20's.  The 40's are definitely the new 20's for me!


I had migraines that were out of control.  Working with TheKetoSpark has helped cut down the frequency of my headaches in half and make the ones I still get respond better to my medication.

TheKetoSpark's coach worked closely with me to find the right balance of foods for migraine prevention without weight loss!  The group helped me understand how to answer the questions/concerns I received for being a slim teenager eating keto.  Yes!  You can eat Keto and not lose weight!

JOHN D. 78

I've lost weight, lethargy, and energy ups and downs.

I have better control over blood sugar, better blood lipid panel, better A1C, and more!  

But most of all, I have steady energy!  

I dropped 15 pounds I didn't think I had to lose, I reduced my A1c from 6.2 to 5.6!  This is my way to a longer better life!  I only take one nap a day now!  To a longer life!