Certified Keto Nutrition Coach

Certified Keto Reboot Coach (fasting)

Holistic Wellness Coach

I attended multiple Low Carb/Keto medical conferences 

a year to stay up to date on all the newest research.

As an ex-collegiate gymnast, I have been active and in shape most of my life.  I was running 1/2 and full marathons into my mid 30's and was still gaining weight!  I was frustrated and stuck because everything I did (was told to do) didn't work!  I didn't feel good, was overweight and miserable.  I discovered I was severely insulin resistant and hypoglycemic. Talk about an 'aha moment,'  everything started making sense!  I started doing tons of research and taught myself about the importance of insulin.  I made a change and it was like flipping a switch from miserably existing to actually LIVING!  I have lost 60 pounds, remedied my insulin resistance,  and truly haven't felt this good in more than 20 years!  I look forward to helping everyone I know get to a point where they feel as good as I do! Everyone can feel this way if you'll just give something new a chance.


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Lindsay Venn, RDLD, PA-C


Lindsay Venn is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and Certified Physician Assistant.  She practices in Idaho Falls, Idaho at Eastern Idaho Spine, Sports and Rehab Center.  Lindsay has been doing nutritional counseling for 20 years, serves as our nutritional expert and hosts nutritional video conferences for  

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Tony Myers, Behavior Counseling


Tony Myers has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a 

Masters of Science in Social Work.

Having difficulty making the mental switch 

to seeing food as fuel?

Tony can help you figure out how to change 

your mindset and replace 

bad habits with new, healthier options.

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